About Us

V. I Land Investment Co., LTD.

We Aim to achieve to be “A strategic location exclusive and different facilities compared to competitor, with a destination for medium size income family, life style for younger generation, affordable and sustainable living, green building and construction, easy accessibility, eco-friendly, and pollution free so-called AI Hub Living Destination.” 

Our Mission

V. I Land Investment Co., LTD. aims to initiate community building projects by leveraging creativity, cutting edge technology combined with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Our Vision

To become a leading community builder with sustainability and quality at our core.

Our Values

We offer a ready to move in AI solution for home office community, a safety and security environment, shared and self- service solution platform, AI Asset management, a sustainable internet connection, clean energy solution, insurance service, EV charger, community training center / service.

Our Construction Management Partner

TSC Group



I started Vong Residence in the hope of creating meaningful community built upon passion, respect and trust among our customers, partners and employee. As an environmental enthusiast and social worker myself, I strongly believe in and encourage the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly to be implemented into all our projects.

Each project under VI Land Investments strives to build its name upon their uniqueness and strong desires to create cross-generational trend and changes for the better of our community.

As we are moving toward an exciting future for our businesses, we also fully welcome new initiatives and partners from diverse fields to join us and be part of our mission.


Vong Residence with the size of 6 hectares of land, is located on the 50m main road, Road 20A (104). We are located at the corner of highly potential development areas and a strategic location alongside mega projects such as Ring Road 3, Techo International Airport, AEON Mall Meanchey and other important infrastructures.



Are you searching for a remarkable Borey development that combines superior craftsmanship, contemporary design, and a tranquil environment? Look no further than Vong Residence. Situated in the heart of Phnom Penh, this exceptional property offers an incredible investment opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Located near key infrastructure projects and the new international airport, Vong Residence ensures unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Our state-of-the-art facilities include spacious access roads, an innovative underground drainage system, and eco-friendly amenities, providing residents with a comfortable and sustainable living experience.

Take advantage of our exclusive price promotion, offering prices approximately 20% lower than neighboring Boreys. This is your chance to invest wisely in Vong Residence and secure your dream home in Phnom Penh’s flourishing real estate market.